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LED line light will bring good decorative effect

Release time:2020.05.10

Linear lamp manufacturers scientifically install a large number of LED linear lamps with light display effects. Through the remote control of Jisheng Optoelectronics, the color and brightness of the light are properly combined, and the dynamic and static are combined to fully explore the historical culture of the Nanzheng, using scientific lighting technology and combining square sound to form a perfect match. The fountain creates colorful, exquisite and stunning visual and auditory feasts for tourists.

1. Modern aisle line light design

Because line lights can be used in many places, especially in elegant and atmospheric places, line lights are often used. The line lights and ceiling in this rendering are designed to match each other because many line lights cannot be exposed. If the line lamp is exposed to the outside without taking protective measures, this line lamp will not only bring good decorative effects, but also affect the aesthetics of the overall design. The choice of white light source can be better used in the aisle environment, adding light to the rectangular aisle, and the line light manufacturer guarantees people's travel safety.


2. Chinese aisle line light design

The entrance aisle design of the Chinese-style villa has a simple atmosphere, and the design of the lockers on the wall reflects the simplicity of the Chinese style. The complex ceiling design does not use large chandelier, but choose simple and practical white LED line lights to improve the aisle lighting. The design of the line light will not be as complicated as a chandelier, giving a feeling of depression, but it can also bring a simple atmosphere to the living space while meeting the lighting needs. In the rendering of this aisle line light, the line light is also matched with the downlight to complete the light irradiation so that the light can reach every corner of the aisle.

The waterproof plugs for LED linear lights are also cheap, but the conductivity is relatively poor, and the waterproof performance is poor, and it is easy to get water and cause leakage. Basically, the four-pin plug with square head is also very good. Although its price is higher, the overall stability is strong Can achieve 99% water resistance, then 1% may not be tight.

The power of the LED line light determines the projection interval. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But the power is not fixed. The power can be changed sensitively according to requirements. Generally, high-power LED line lights refer to a single line, and multiple lines are called linear led flood lights. In addition, due to heat dissipation, please use a single 1W as a 1 meter long wall washer. Do not exceed 36W. Otherwise, if the heat dissipation is not good, it will seriously damage the light.